Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deals and Wheels

It's been a great week. In real estate, I had the opportunity of representing clients who wanted a "real deal" (who doesn't these days?) on a new home. And they got it! $50K under the list price is fairly substantial and I was glad to represent these buyers in the transaction.

Today I got a deal. Not on real estate, but on a tire. Tuesday night, when driving home from the gym, I had a blow out on my left driver side tire. Apparently something fell out of the truck in front of me, gouged the tired and it blew out. I stopped and changed the tire and went on my merry way.

A few months ago, I met a mechanic through a real estate colleague. Yesterday I called my friend's mechanic and asked where I could get a used tire at a fairly good deal. He directed me to a little used tire shop on Old Hickory Boulevard (just north of Lebanon Road in Old Hickory/Hermitage area). I stopped there today, got my tire (at a REALLY GOOD deal), and went on my way.

Maybe you're asking "why a used tire, Jack?" Well, the truth of the matter is that I am going to buy new tires in about 7,000 miles. Buying a new tire now means that my car won't drive as smoothly as it would with four of the same tires, so I opted to risk a no-warranty used tire to last me a few more thousand miles.

Where I went was a place called Old Hickory Auto Sales, at 4121 Old Hickory Boulevard, Old Hickory. The sign actually says, "S&Z Tires" and is located next to a brick church on the left, if you're traveling north on OHB. There are no hours posted on the doors, so you'll have to take your chances, or you can call ahead: 615-915-4432 (main number); 615-506-6100 (Peter); 615-290-9014 (Stanley, the owner).

It's a great place to get a good deal and they're quick, too. Check it out sometime when you need a quick fix. Oh, and they do repair flats as well.

For a real estate agent who knows the Middle Tennessee area well, give me a call. I'll be glad to help you buy a home or to get yours sold at the price, terms and conditions that are acceptable to you.

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