Monday, January 24, 2011

Do You Know What Today Is?

In my list of crazy calendar days, today is "National Compliment Day". Who knows where this came from?! I sure don't. And it must be something to it because it can actually be found online. CLICK HERE for a quick link to the info on National Compliment Day.

Who can you compliment today? There's no doubt that everyone needs a compliment every now and then. Whether mean or nice, everyone can use a nice pick-me-up today.

Is there someone in your office or place of work who has done a great job? Or how about your son or daughter - are you proud of them? What about your spouse? Or a friend, parent or other relative?

And there is one additional person you need to compliment - yourself. How many times have you patted yourself on the back said, "Great job!"? Isn't it time?

Go out and have a great day today. Give someone that lift that they need. Maybe they'll pass it on.


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