Monday, March 26, 2012

Why I Love Franklin So Much

When I moved to Franklin in October of 2009, I never thought I'd fall in love with this charming Civil War town. I live only nine-tenths of a mile from the Franklin square, and frequently walk to downtown to enjoy the festivals, eateries, or just to look around.

Franklin, TN Gray's Pharmacy

Franklin's latest announcement is the renovation/rehab of the old Gray's Drugstore on Main Street. The new venture will be a food and music establishment, opened by Andy Marshall and partners.

Another eatery, you say? That's right - it's just what Franklin needs to continue it's appeal to people from all across Middle Tennessee.

For more information on this venture, click HERE.

And when September rolls around, come on down to Franklin.

Spring Hill GM Plant Revitalizes Spring Hill

Just a few years ago, we saw GM shutter its Saturn division. Along with it went jobs at the Spring Hill GM plant. The plant never quite shut down all the way, but the layoffs in record numbers put a dent in the area's economy and housing market.

USA Today ran an article about the reopening of the plant. You can read it HERE.

Welcome back, GM, Spring Hill, and the housing market! We're glad you're coming back!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nashville Has the Fifth Fastest Growing Job Market

We may not have immediate access to the ocean, and we may not be right around the corner from a ski resort, but we have a lot going for us. One thing is our stability. While other cities have had rapidly declining job markets, Nashville did not see those same results. We have plenty of people to work, and we are transitioning - two key ingredients to job growth.

The result? Increased sales in our housing market and a fairly stable one. While some skeptics in the area keep asking, "When's the market going to return?" I would say that it's here. It's not the rapidly increasing market of yesteryear, but it's increasing steadily. My listings have sold quickly (unless a short sale), and at higher prices than previously thought.

If you want to read the article in, click HERE.