Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oreos and Milk

Who doesn't like Oreos?! And who doesn't like them dunked in milk?!

I was reminiscing about eating Oreos this week and amused myself at the various ways I've enjoy Oreos and milk. My favorite way: Oreo Double Stuff dipped briefly in a glass of organic skim milk just before biting into it. I prefer a brief dunk because I still like the Oreo crunch in my mouth, along with the sweet, wet sensation.

Other ways to eat Oreos and milk:
- Unscrew the two sides and dunk each side into milk
- Unscrew the two sides, eat the cream off of each side, then dunk each cookie part in milk
- Unscrew the two sides, eat the cream off of each side, put the two sides back together, then dunk in milk
- Dunk the entire Oreo in milk and hold it down so that the cookie soaks up some milk
- Don't dunk at all, but bite the Oreo and then wash it down with a swallow of milk as fast as possible
- Dunking with a friend
- Dunking alone
- Dunking with your son or daughter
- Dunking with a parent or sibling
- Dunking via webcam with a family member or a friend
- Two lovers interlocking arms dunk their Oreos in the same glass of milk
- Dunking in bed while watching TV
- Dunking for breakfast
- Dunking as a mid-afternoon snack
- Place the Oreo on a spoon and dunk in it's entirety
- Put crushed Oreos in a bowl and pour milk on top of them
- Soak Oreos in milk, then freeze for several hours
- Spread peanut butter on Oreos, then dunk them in milk
- Spread vanilla icing on Oreos, then dunk them in milk
- Unscrew five Oreo cookies, then pile all of the filling from four of them onto the last one and dunk that one in milk
- Dunk the four cookies from the one above in milk
- Dunking at a campsite
- Dunking in front of the TV
- Participating in a dunking contest to see who can dunk and eat the most Oreos in a timed event

So ... what's your favorite way?


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