Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving is on the 'Top 20 Most Stressful Things in Life' list. It's no surprise because it means uprooting from a place of familiarity to a new place. Even local moves can cause some stress, so it's important to make it as smooth and as easy as possible.

The person who taught me how to move was my former wife, Stephanie. We'd been married three years when we moved from Richmond to Chicago for grad school. She nudged me to de-clutter, but I was only willing to give up just so many things. After that move, I was more than anxious to de-clutter prior to every other move.

Having moved 15 times over the last 21 years, there are some things I learned from those experiences. The last move, this past Friday, was the smoothest because it was the most organized.

Here are some tips to help you make that (long distance or local move):

1 - Sort through every closet, every room, the toy chest, piano benches, and all drawers and cabinets, and the garage, dividing all items into three piles: (1) KEEP; (2) THROW AWAY; (3) SELL or GIVE AWAY.

2 - Have a YARD/GARAGE SALE or donate to a local charity such as your church or Goodwill at least one week before you move. (This would be your SELL or GIVE AWAY pile.) In Nashville, spring yard sales are typically better than other times of the year, but yard sales are possible year 'round depending on your culture and environment. (Check out my previous article on successful yard sales entitled Yard Sale Extravaganza.) Throw away the 'throw away' pile and don't look back.

3 - Call moving companies for estimates as early as possible. Get estimates on PACKING and MOVING if need someone to pack your things. Packing and moving are different tasks and movers price accordingly.

4 - If you are packing your own belongings, begin packing about a week before your move. Pack some every day and save the most essential things for last. Make sure to ask your mover if they require all drawers to be emptied before the move. Some companies require emptying; others don't.

5 - You'll need appropriate sized boxes, so a visit to a storage facility will give you a better idea of what types/sizes of boxes are suitable for your things. Pack china in dish pack boxes, books in book boxes, hanging clothing in hanging wardrobe boxes, etc. You'll also need packing paper and bubble wrap. Check those, too.

6 - Call Crye-Leike Home Services to set up your utilities connections and disconnects. Crye-Leike has a special relationship with Comcast (the only real estate company in Middle Tennessee that has this relationship). Through Crye-Leike Home Services, the rep will set up your Comcast connection at no cost and you will also receive (1) the current promotional rate for 12 months, and (2) a significant rebate on VISA gift cards. For more information on Crye-Leike Home Services, CLICK HERE.

7 - If you're moving locally, make plans for your refrigerated and frozen foods. While most foods will stay refrigerated or frozen, some foods will not. If you're moving long distance, you'll want to eliminate all of your refrigerated and frozen foods.

8 - Pack a "First Night Box" for each bedroom and for the kitchen. In bedroom boxes, pack sheets/linens, toiletries, soap for washing hands, towels. shower curtain and rod, and toilet paper. For the kitchen box, pack disposable plates, utensils and cups. You may want to include your toaster or microwave, dry foods such as protein bars, nuts, breads, toaster pastries, etc.

9 - If you've packed yourself and are paying for movers by the hour, move every box into one or two room that are easily accessible to where the moving truck will be parked for loading. Doing this will save the movers time and you money. When they arrive, they can size up what has to be loaded.

10 - Relax with a cup of coffee while the movers are loading.

11 - Leave the house CLEAN. Use an odor eliminator on the carpet prior to vacuuming. Make sure the tubs, sinks and showers are free of soap scum and mildew. Rooms should smell very fresh. If leaving your refrigerator behind, leave it spotless. Mop all tile and vinyl floors and clean hardwoods well. Leave appliances manuals, keys and garage remotes in a kitchen drawer.

12 - Arrive at your new home.

13 - Make beds then start settling the house room by room. Start with the kitchen, then go to bedrooms, then living areas, and end with the garage.

14 - Clean up and relax.

Moving is stressful, but by being organized, it will be less stressful for everyone. With new surroundings, new neighbors, and new places be familiar with, moving can be an exciting time. No need for a stressful move.

For all of your real estate needs, give me a shout. I can provide you with Home Service Providers to get your home ready to sell and to help you get your new home ready to occupy.

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