Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do You Have a "Clean House"?

Apparently the show, "Clean House", has hit the ground running. Fans everywhere are talking about the show, especially the 'Messiest House in the Country' episodes.

After waking up way too early this morning with those darn allergies I have, I felt my way to the living room to see what was on at that ungodly hour. What I found was one of the latest episodes of "Clean House".

Now I'm not a novice fan of the show. In fact, I've seen it many times. I am ashamed to reveal that I'm somewhat of a voyeur when it comes to some reality shows, this being one of them.

If you haven't seen it, the premise of the show is that a cast of four experts, along with their crew, will help 'rescue' people from their clutter. The host, Niecy Nash, explores the 'why' of their clutter while the other cast members are helping the folks organize, toss and sell their unnecessary items, and then redecorate/renovate rooms in their home. The designer, Mark Brunetz, comes up with a design scheme. Yard Sale Diva Trish Suhr organizes the yard sale. And go-to guys, Matt Iseman or Eugene Long, take care of any construction and/or repairs to the house. All four cast members negotiate with the homeowners to rid themselves of junk and clutter and work together on a new and improved design. In the end, everyone is (supposed to be) happy. Sometimes they are and sometimes they're not.

This morning's show was set in Cincinnati. An adult daughter called the show, hoping the cast and crew would come rescue her and her mother from her mother's 30 year pile-up of junk and whatever. Little can be left to the imagination when the homeowners and cast found rats and mice in the basement. Honestly, I've NEVER seen anything like that, and have actually helped clean homes as mission projects several times over the years.

There was so much stuff and junk that it took a 7,000 square foot warehouse to house it all for the yard sale. After the yard sale, there were STILL more things left over than anyone could ever imagine - way too much to go back into the house. And during part of the 'reveal', the mother stormed off the show and left the adult daughter to fend for herself. Luckily, mother and daughter loved the major improvements made to the house before mom stormed off.

So, is your house clean? Or do you need a "makeover" of your home? Is it clutter-free?

A few years ago I had the privilege of helping a friend clean out her parents' home in the Atlanta area. It took us six three-day weekends to get it all sorted, discarded, and hauled away to a friend's yard sale. There was enough stuff in this 1,800 square foot house for a house measuring 3,000 square feet. While it was an overall pleasant experience, it was still a little daunting to sort through it all. Instead of waiting until years down the road to get things de-cluttered, maybe now is the time to start sorting.

Tonight's episode, on the Style Channel at 8 Eastern/7 Central, is the last home in the series of contenders for the Messiest Home Award. You can check it out at CLEAN HOUSE. You'll be glad you did.

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LeD'z said...

...when my moms around yes, and if not it's sort of messy..anyway, i like your article..
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Thanks so much for replying. Glad you liked the article. It always amazes me to see how other people live. Thanks, again, for replying.