Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Amazing Chase!

What do you get with two dozen kids, 14 adult counselors, elaborate scavenger hunts at the local library and mall, food with lots of carbs and waking up too early? It's Camp Hope, the annual camp for kids who have suffered from burns. For four days and nights, we're on "The Amazing Chase" this year, an elaborate concoction of fun based on TV's "The Amazing Race".

This camp is the highlight of the year for most of these burn survivors. Having been made fun of by their peers, this is a place where these kids find acceptance, love, compassion and can just be a normal kid.

So far, we've done two legs of the race, only after the boys and male counselors endured a grueling dunking competition in the pool. And this year, I actually made it down the water slide - something I'd not accomplished easily in the past.

If you're on FaceBook, you can find pics of our adventures there in my photo album. Take a look through those and you'll wish you were here. Not only is it a great time for the campers, it's the highlight of my summer, too.

Say a prayer for our safety and wish us well. We're off to our next adventure .....

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