Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tips for Buyers

In the current real estate climate, it's easy to assume something is a very small and unimportant detail, yet it's those small details that prevent buyers from buying houses and that causes sellers to get their hopes up for a sale.

Over the years, I've compiled a list of things that make buying a home much easier and stress-free for buyers, and I wanted to share those with you:

1 - Be transparent with your real estate agent. If you already own a home, but don't want to sell it to buy the next home, tell your agent what kind of loan you have on your current house. FHA does not allow buyers to own two FHA-backed homes at the same time.

2 - Use one of the mortgage lenders that your real estate agent recommends. That way, the agent is assured that the loan officer and bank are reputable, will be honest with the buyer up front, and will get the house closed.

3 - Follow the process that your agent provides. I have a 10-step plan that I utilize with ALL buyers that makes the home-buying process a stress-free and easy process. Both novice and experienced buyers love this process and have said it was the easiest way to buy a house.

4 - Insist that your loan officer be open and honest with your real estate agent. General protocol is that this happens, but occasionally you will run into a loan officer who declines to reveal anything to the agent. If there is a potential "glitch", then the agent needs to be able to ward that off ahead of time.

5 - Do not feel that you have to disclose personal information such as income, debt, or credit score. Agents do not need that information. All we need to know is the amount you can spend on a house, the down payment, closing cost needs, time frame to close, and if you have to sell your current home.

6 - Hire the agent who is helping you buy your home to help you sell your home. Those agents are much more motivated to get your home sold so your next purchase can close easily.

7 - Ask questions if you don't know the answers. If something doesn't seem logical to you, then ask your agent about it. The agent should be able to answer your questions or find the answers very quickly.

8 - Be patient and allow the process to take place. Sometimes buyers want to rush things or drag them out, but that's not necessary. Typically, it takes about 30 days to get a purchase closed, and with today's stringent rules, it may take a little longer.

9 - Trust your agent. Sometimes buyers think that the buying process should/could take longer than it should. If an agent suggests a deadline to you, then follow that deadline because there is a reason why that deadline was suggested.

10 - Relax. Purchasing a home can be stressful and challenging, but try to relax during this process. By allowing the agent to lead you through it, you can rest assured that things are being taken care of.

These are just ten suggestions that help buyers make a purchase. In our current culture, banks and the government have made the process a little more challenging. By hiring the right agent and learning to follow his advice, the process can go from challenging and stressful to joyful and relaxing.

Jack Jernigan is an agent who makes the home buying process an easy and stress-free one. Jack knows the market and how sellers think. For all of your real estate needs, give Jack a call at 615-373-3513 or contact him via email:


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