Monday, November 1, 2010

Thoughts About the Mid-Term Elections

Dear friends,

Our country is at a crucial crossroads and tomorrow will decide our future for the next many years.

Over the last several years we have bailed out banks and auto manufacturers, tried to bail out the housing industry, spent much more money than we could ever fathom in three lifetimes, and our Congress is at odds within itself, providing a very dim future for my children and grandchildren.

To be honest, very little of what has happened inside Washington beltway over the last few years has been productive. Americans are divided, Republicans and Democrats are blaming each other, people who want fiscal responsibility are getting a bad "rap", and nothing is being resolved.

American is not a perfect place, but after having personally seen destitute third-world countries where people have nothing, by comparison, we still live in the greatest country on this earth.

While I tend to be more far-right in my beliefs, the American people, in general, tend to be a little right of center. Our Congress no longer reflects the will of the people, so I am asking you, my friends, to vote tomorrow. Let's get America where she needs to be again by electing representatives who will guide us back toward where Americans stand.

Will everything ever be resolved? No. We are an imperfect people living in an imperfect country. But we can do our best. This is the time to vote, and then to make your thoughts and desires known to those who represent you.

When I lived in Davidson County, I contacted my congressional representative. That person was willing to meet with me privately, but was not willing to hold a town hall meeting to hear from the majority of his/her constituents. He/she said that no town hall meeting would be held because he/she wanted a "controlled environment". That tells me that the representative knew what the constituents wanted but was unwilling to hear us out. That representative voted in favor of a unpopular bill and now tries to uphold an image of a "friend of the people." That person is coming up for re-election and should be voted out.

The purpose of this letter is not to sway any of my friends to vote for a specific candidate, but it is to share that we DO NEED CHANGE! It is time to take a stand, America, and to take back our government. And if the ones we elect this time do not do the job, they need to be voted out the next time, too.

Until 2008, I was never an actively political man. However, after seeing the path that our country has taken, I firmly believe that ALL AMERICANS should take a stand for ourselves, our families, our homes, our jobs, our economy, and our freedom, as defined by the Constitution of the United States.


Jack Jernigan

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