Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not Quite the Top 20, but Close!

Nashville just barely missed the Top 20 US Cities that have the best quality of life, a result of evaluating the top 67 US major market cities. Ranked by, there were 20 different criteria, including: well-rounded healthy economies; light traffic; moderate cost of living; household income; home ownership; and strong educational systems.

Raleigh, North Carolina hailed as number 1. An obvious choice for all the high-tech jobs that Raleigh boasts. Another North Carolina city similar in size to Nashville, Charlotte ranks number 16. With the fifth fastest population growth since 2000, it's a shoe-in for a little higher ranking. My old hometown, Richmond, Virginia, ranked 20, just barely making it into the top 20. With scores fairly even in every category, Richmond does boast a high quality of life.

Check out the top 25 slide show and read the synopsis on each one. You may be surprised at some of those that made the top 20 list.

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