Monday, May 24, 2010

Thomas Sowell and His Appeal to Truth

If you're not aware of who Thomas Sowell is, you're not alone. I'd never heard of him until several months ago when a friend offered to let me borrow the book, The Housing Boom and Bust, by Sowell. So far, I've found the book incredibly objective about the truth about the nation's housing market, it's ups and downs, and how it's directly and indirectly related to the rest of the economy.

Through an online search, I found Sowell's credentials to be second to none. He is well educated (Harvard, Columbia and University of Chicago), and appears to be a great defender of truth, not leaning in favor of one political party over another.

A "must read" for every U.S. citizen.

The Housing Boom and Bust can be purchased online through, or at Barnes & Noble. You'll find that Sowell is a straight-shooter, calling out former presidential administrations, as well as the current one, and the congressional bodies that supported each one. He points out discrepancies in policies on both sides of the aisle, and the committees and architects of those policies that are in error.

This book is definitely well worth the read. Sowell will enlighten you to the truth and the vast cavern of omissions that are apparent to him. Unlike a typical college-level economics textbook, this is a great 'anytime' read because the author makes it easy to understand, and puts all the pieces together.

To learn more about Sowell, check out THIS SITE.
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