Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Ain't Your Daddy's Burger Joint

Nestled in the heart of the trendy SoHo-esque part of Nashville, at 12th and Paris, is one of the city's newest additions, Burger Up. Opened just three weeks ago, Frothy Monkey proprietor Miranda Whitcome Pontes scores a "10" with this worth-the-wait-to-get-in upscale burger joint that's splashed with all the steel and clean lines of yuppiness. The oversized windows provide a great view of 12th Avenue South, and the local businesses and their greenscapes across the street.

Last week my friend, Erin, and I made a date to meet for dinner last night. At the last minute, we decided to try the 12th South eatery just for kicks. What we found inside was one single surf board embossed in red ink with the Burger Up logo as the venue's only artwork. Rows of heavy duty picnic tables, complete with comfortable individual bench seats, were filled with people throughout the restaurant. Never too close together, parties actually feel that they have some private space to chat.

Greeted by our server, Brian, we found that the restaurant is still in the process of "tweaking" it's menu. One glitch is that the burger section never mentions that fries are a standard side to the burgers. Brian forgot to address that little detail, so we ordered the onion ring tower which came as an appetizer.

The Fried Vidalia Onion Tower came with it's own dipping sauce, spicy lemon lime remoulade. The sauce added a zest to the lightly battered and fried rings, providing just enough flavor contrasts.

Our burgers came out fairly soon after finishing the rings. Erin and I ordered Woodstock burgers that come adorned with Benton bacon, Cabot white cheddar, and Jack Daniels maple ketchup. The all-organic burger comes sandwiched between the top and bottom of a homemade bun - a sure-fire hit. The burger's only drawback was that it needed more ketchup. Keep in mind, though, that I like condiments spilling out of the bun, so most other people will probably like the amount of ketchup that comes on the burger.

As the finishing pinnacle to our meal, we ordered the Smores Tiramisu. As a visual person, I imagined this dessert to be a layered concoction of graham crackers and marshmallow cream sprinkled with chocolate chips. Nothing could have been further from reality. Erin and I were totally surprised at the traditional appearance of the Tiramisu. The flavor of campfire smores was there, but with the tenderness and succulence of tiramisu. This tiramisu is Nashville's second best, deferring only to Amerigo's more classic version.

If you're vegan or a total organic eater, you'll find this place welcoming you with open arms. The food selection is also perfect for the person with an edgy palate. For a look at the current menu that they're still refining, CLICK HERE.

If you haven't been to Burger Up yet, you're missing out. Find it and go.

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