Monday, March 15, 2010

Sommet is Out, Bridgestone is In

If you've been behind the eight ball, or the hockey puck, rather, then you may not be aware of the latest change to the former GEC downtown. The ever unpopular, and unknown, Sommet Center name has now changed to Bridgestone Arena.

After a lawsuit against the Franklin-based Sommet Group filed by the Nashville Predators months ago, the pro hockey team partnered with Nashville-based Bridgestone to establish a new identity for the mega-arena. Luckily the lawsuit was settled and everyone can now "move on."

Bridgestone has been trying to improve it's image since the Ford Explorer escapade several years ago. Obviously Bridgestone needs and wants to build a stronger and better branding image, so identifying themselves through pro team sponsorships makes sense.

Now, when I go to see the Preds play, I'll feel like I'm sitting in a place that people can at least pronounce. Hopefully The Sommet Group can find another sponsorship that fits them a little better.

To read all about the center's change of name, check at the article from the Nashville Business Journal HERE. Thanks, Bridgestone, for giving this Nashville venue a little more recognizability.

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