Monday, March 1, 2010

Skating Into First Place

Since 1988, I've never missed watching the Winter Olympics. In fact, I remember distinctly watching Bonnie Blair's winning streak, Brian Boitano's gold medal performance, and Dan Jansen's memorable poignant moments.

This year was no different. Glued in front of the TV night after night, the only thing better would have being there in person.

Watching Shaun White take the gold for Men's Halfpipe Snowboarding was incredible. Having already won the gold medal for the event, he performed even better in his encore performance. How about Lindsey Vonn in the Ladies' Downhill Alpine Skiing event? Ever seen anyone ski like that? And then it only got better when Evan Lysacek told home the gold for Men's Figure Skating. To top it all off, Seth Wescott won gold in the Men's Snowboard Cross event.

I think there's a little bit of a competitor in all of us. Who doesn't secretly want to experience snowboarding in the Halfpipe event like White? The confidence that bursts from his pores is enough to encourage me to daydream that I could perform skateboarding maneuvers like he does.

Overall, the US (yes, that's us!) took home 37 medals, an all time record high. This year, we even outdid Germany, our fiercest competitor. If you want to see the final medal standings, CLICK HERE. You can see the results and get the scoop on each of the events.
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