Thursday, May 28, 2009

National Hamburger Month

Who would have ever guessed that there was a National Hamburger Month? Until yesterday, I'd never heard of it, but it intrigued me so much I decided to do a little research and then write about it.

There's no official proclamation or inaugural year, but it's so popular that a Google search of 'national hamburger month' yields multiple results. Apparently White Castle, the nation's first burger chain, started the idea, but there's no history of it on White Castle's website.

One of America's favorite foods, the hamburger supposedly dated back to the early 1200s, the days of Genghis Khan. Today,we recognize hamburgers for sale at our local Golden Arches, Krystal and a host of other chains. But most people admit their favorite burger is the one they grill in their own backyard. For more hamburger history, click HERE. What you'll find will intrigue and surprise you.

My favorite recipe is a simple one:

- 2 pounds of 92% ground beef (I use Laura's Lean Beef, found in the organic meat section of your local grocery store), divided into thirds*
- Shape portions into six patties
- Season with Johnny's seasoning
- Grill on medium heat, turning only once after the juices float to the top of the burger
- Serve on hamburger or kaiser buns (white or wheat) with traditional condiments, lettuce and tomato
- Serve with fries, baked beans and mixed fruit

For those of you who opt to forgo the grill and head out to a local dig, you may want to try either of these places for great burgers (these are my favs in Nashville):

- Ruby Tuesday's Triple Prime Burger, served with endless fries

- Fat Mo's Little Mo Burger (I get the combo with seasoned fries to go)

- McDonald's Double Cheeseburger with shredded cheese (this is the cheese they use on Snack Wraps) and Big Mac Sauce (yes, you can special order a burger there)

May is almost gone, so we need to celebrate the incredible hamburger by Sunday. So much for dieting this month, hey, it's worth it! Enjoy, my friends, enjoy ...

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*Laura's 92% lean beef also comes in patties for your convenience.

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