Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Easy Way to Get Your House Sold!

With the down real estate market here in Nashville, getting a home ready to sell is no longer an option. People can no longer get 100% loans, so they need their savings for the down payment on the house. In the past, savings were used to repair or upgrade a house. No more!

If you want to get your house sold in record time for top dollar, taking care of repairs is a necessity. Before listing, get a home inspection and take care of the repairs. If you can, upgrade the house as much as possible to bring it up to date.

When making upgrades, do not overspend. Putting granite countertops in the kitchen of a $150,000 house is overkill. Yet, upgrading the laminate with a granite-look pattern is a wise move.

The Tennessean ran an article today that emphasizes what sellers should do. My parents listed their home (in Williamsburg, Virginia) back in mid-March. The 57 year old house was in great condition overall, and by spending a few thousand dollars to refinish their hardwood floors, update a few light fixtures and ceiling fans, and paint the house in neutral colors, they realized over $30,000 more in proceeds. Five weeks after listing the house, it sold, and it only has one bathroom. My parents made a very wise decision.

Regardless of where the market is, sellers typically think their houses are worth much more than they are, even when the houses need work or updating. The Nashville area market is on the upswing, but it's not where it was before. It will take some time for it to fully recover, so if you want your house to sell in record time for top dollar, the house must be in top-notch condition. While it may take a little bit of time to get your house ready to sell, it's EASY!

To read the article, click THIS LINK.

If you are in the market to sell your home and want to work with a professional real estate agent who understands how to get a house sold, give me a call. I'll be glad to meet with you to discuss what you need to do to get your house in great condition to get it sold for the price, terms and conditions acceptable to you.

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