Friday, February 24, 2012

Tennesseeans Can Claim Highest Drop in Credit Card Debt

Tennessee residents have the highest drop in credit card debt in the US, as reported by the Nashville Business Journal. Way to go, Tennessee!

Since our economic downturn, people have come to the sober reality that they need to change their spending habits. And, personally, I despise debt. At one time, I lived with plenty of debt. Yes, my credit score was in the mid-700s, but divorce created havoc with that high score. As a result, I decided to make a change in my financial life.

I'm not one to tout celebrities or to endorse anything frivilous, but today I can wholeheartedly recommend Financial Peace University. Dave Ramsey, FPU's creator, has lived through several bankruptcies, high debt, and the loss of lucrative income. People have learned, like Dave, that living in and with debt is not the best way to go.

Last fall I enrolled in an FPU class at Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin. I was skeptical at first, because I'd dealt with some Dave Ramsey disciples - people who think that they should always buy real estate low and sell real estate high, regardless of the market. After a few weeks, I was SOLD! The principles are timeless and trustworthy. Now my goal is to get completely out of debt and enjoy my life.

Since that class, I've made a conscious effort to pay off every debt, buy only what I need, and to strictly budget for any and all expenses. Retirement is only 20 years away, so planning for that is crucial.

If you're in a predicament, or if you just want to live a clean financial lifestyle, take a chance on the FPU class. You won't go wrong. To find out more about Dave Ramsey and FPU, click HERE. Like me, you will definitely feel better, more at ease, stress free, and relaxed when you start chipping away at the burden of debt.

So, how is Tennessee climbing out of debt? The ARTICLE doesn't state how or why, but we can only hope that people are waking up to the reality that debt is not the way to live.

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